Forklift Broom 1800mm 8 x Bristle Rows

Part No: EW-FB1800-8

Suitable for applications in every industry including farming, agriculture, grain handing, waste, mining, etc. Economical and practical with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper.
$1,990.00 excl tax

Forklift Broom 1800mm 8 x Bristle Rows
Sweep or move grain,rubbish,sand,gravel,rocks and many other materials.

Sweep materials such as plastic shrink wrap and welding wire which can't be swept with rotary brooms or vacuum sweepers.

Suitable for applications in every industry including farming, agriculture, grain handing, waste, mining, etc.

Economical and practical with a powerful sweeping action at a fraction of the cost of a mechanical sweeper.

8 Bristle Rows
1800mm Width
Height 300mm 
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