Other Fixed Jibs

Fork Hook 2500kg

Part No: EW-FH25
EW-FH25 - Fork Hook provides the simple solution for use of long objects or large pallets that must be lifted & moved with a fork truck.
$380.00 excl tax

Forklift Tow Jib Attachment

The EW-FJ-TOW Forklift Tow Jib Attachment is a dual purpose, lightweight and simple to use forklift attachment which allows towing with the attached 50mm towball, and doubles as a 2000kg WLL lifting jib complete with 2T safety swivel hook. Includes two lifting hook positions and utilises two fork locking pins to secure the jib to the forks during operation. Fully certified to all relevant Australian standards.
$595.00 excl tax

Jib Attachment 2000kg Short

Part No: EW-FSJ200
Slip-on Jib, suitable for most Forklifts and fitted in seconds. Two lifting points available.
$415.00 excl tax